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Look Who's Taking Action: Urban Tilth


It is pretty cool to be able to go out to your garden and pick fresh vegetables to include in your lunch or dinner.  However, not everyone has the ability to grow their own food, and some areas may lack fresh produce in their grocery stores.  To impr

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“blood, soil, seed” – “An Integrated System to Create New Permaculture & Transition Rituals & Myths” by Willi Paul,

“Similar to dozens of other community “food forests” emerging in cities such as Seattle and Portland, the intenti

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The Myth Lab: Myth and Permaculture - Interview with Willi Paul by Mythologist Margo Meck,

Activist, Permaculture promoter, and myth maker, Willi Paul, presented his Myth Lab, “Mythic Roundtable: Tools and Inspiration for Creating New

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“The Sunday Share & Reskilling Festival” (Permaculture + Transition). Recipe by Willi Paul,

Remember, the more resources we offer to our community, the more we will inspire others to offer what they have to us. Together, we have m

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Exercising the Artifacts” – Interview with Mythologist Willi Paul by Arthur George to Support the Mythic Roundtable at Granada Books, Santa Barbara on 1/22/15.

Willi: Thank you to my fellow mythologist Arthur George for this interview, author of the

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Join a Waste-Free Group!

How’s your New Year’s resolution going so far? If you didn’t make one or aren’t as interested in the one you settled on before, we have a suggestion for you! Make it your goal to join one of the many groups, websites, or apps that are dedicated to th

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Sharing Rides—Getaround, Spinlister, Zipcar


If you have a car or bike (or need one) and you are ready to embrace the “sharing economy”, there are various sites that make it easy to do so.  Zipcar and Getaround are avenues for car sharing, while Spinlister is a sharing platform for bikes, snowb

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"The Transition Movement and the New Global Mythology" (+ PDF ver). By Willi Paul, Media

New Global Mythology is digitized, soil, people in synergy. Ideas / fodder / form flow back and forth in our geo-alchemy loop. Not a “one-way ri

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Discovering a Sense of Place

8095732889?profile=originalCo-sponsored by The Gardens at Heather Farm and the City of Walnut Creek, Discovering a Sense of Place is a free lecture series open to the public that runs from January to May 2015 with topics ranging from landscape and irrigation tips to the basics

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 “10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mythologist at Your Start-Up!”

By Willi Paul,

+ Mythologists are outside the box thinkers who stick to your audience.

+ We bring a global perspective from your customers to your content.

+ Need to wea

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Rituals of the Return (via Transition Movement)

by Willi Paul,

Are your closets, basements, attics, trunks, offices and garages crammed full of stuff you longer want? Your community can benefit from those clothes and other items. T

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