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The Myth Lab: Myth and Permaculture - Interview with Willi Paul by Mythologist Margo Meck,

Activist, Permaculture promoter, and myth maker, Willi Paul, presented his Myth Lab, “Mythic Roundtable: Tools and Inspiration for Creating New

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Texting Joseph Campbell” – “Five Methods to Design New Stories & Myths” - eBook #18. Willi Paul, Media

eBook is attached (see end of post) or as a Free Download

eBook in Support of Mr. Paul’s 11/18/14 Online Roundtable:

“Tools and Ins

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“sounds symbols myths” - Interview with 4 New Composers plus 6 Sound Myths (SCORE).

eBook #17

by Willi Paul,

Download “sounds symbols myths” - eBook #17

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Contents -

[ a ] Group Interview with 4 New Composers -

George Earth -

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DUSK: Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design for Children’s Permaculture Stories.

Video. New Myth #61. Willi Paul,

Watch the Video for Dusk

- Keys to Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design -

+ "SCORE" design - base image for storytelling
+ Multi-media, w

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"Four Zone Food Security System for a Permaculture Village." "Design for Resilience" by Willi Paul, Magazine

“A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water that surrounds a castle, other building or town, historicall

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“The Permaculture Convenience Store” – Vision Plan by Willi Paul, Magazine

Most are familiar with the neighborhood convenience store. Candy, cigarettes, caffeinated power drinks, chips, etc. Isn’t it ironic that these sellers of junk

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The New Farm Convergence, Year 1.0” - New Myth #52 / Myth Lab #11. Paintings by Wisconsinite Laverne Kammerude as Artifact. By Willi Paul,

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“The New Farm Convergence, Year 1.0”

Myth Lab #11 follows

Venoco’s fracking well

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