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"Four Zone Food Security System for a Permaculture Village." "Design for Resilience" by Willi Paul, Magazine

“A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water that surrounds a castle, other building or town, historicall

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"STOP FRACKING CALIFORNIA NOW!" Interview with Susan Kuehn, March 15 San Francisco Local Organizer, Food & Water Watch by Willi Paul, Magazine

Join Californians Against Fracking, along with a whole host of concerned and worried Calif

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 “Rain Dance @ Soul Food Farm on 2/1/14.” Pre-Event Interview with Owner / Farmer Alexis Koefoed. By Willi Paul,

Mother Earth is the sentience or soul of our planet. A sentience is that which is conscious or aware of itself and its

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Access > Plan > Stewardship

The Roundabout Food Forest Gang (RFF) had a vision of returning a four block street and roundabout to a place to walk, connect, plant and harvest, including a pathway for walkers and bikes in a post-petroleum rebirth. RFF

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