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"Rebellion Coming.” Conversation on Creative Mythology with Willi Paul and Arthur George. From Planetshifter.com Magazine 

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What do you consider to be good examples of modern myths qualifying as “creative mythology” that ot

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“Will Mythology Save Us?” Conversations with Willi Paul and Arthur George. From  Planetshifter.com Magazine.

The next step is to remember where myths come from. Depth psychology teaches us that they come ultimately from our unconscious psyche, princip

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The Adventures of Permaculture Willi 2: Contest to ReCreate the Permaculture Logo. New Myth #56 by Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

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“Lucky you have that contest, it’s gonna be raining for the next few days,” shouted P-Willi’s Mom.

“So true,

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 “Rain Dance @ Soul Food Farm on 2/1/14.” Pre-Event Interview with Owner / Farmer Alexis Koefoed. By Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

Mother Earth is the sentience or soul of our planet. A sentience is that which is conscious or aware of itself and its

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