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Award Nominations Open!Who will you nominate? Nominations are now open for the Leadership in Sustainability Awards, your chance to honor the great work of your favorite individual, nonprofit, government program, school, or business. Get all the details and submit your nomination.

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Step up to the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge and join us in taking action that honors the well-being of humanity and the planet. Measure your own footprint and commit to learning and using sustainable living skills that help you save money, build community, and preserve the planet.

Visit CleanerContraCosta.org to set up your profile, calculate your carbon footprint, find local resources, and track your individual and community’s progress.

Tips on Ticks

What are ticks?Ticks are biting insects that attach themselves to animals or humans and inject a toxin that may cause Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that may cause short-term symptoms or severe, long-lasting complications.Where does Lyme…

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