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Transition Palo Alto’s Spring Share Faire is March 15 at Lucie Stern Community Center, Fireside Room and Patio, Palo Alto, CA. Sunday, March 15, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Included here: Interview with Skill Share presenter Nick Turner of deep nature garde

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The Myth Lab: Myth and Permaculture - Interview with Willi Paul by Mythologist Margo Meck,

Activist, Permaculture promoter, and myth maker, Willi Paul, presented his Myth Lab, “Mythic Roundtable: Tools and Inspiration for Creating New

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Resilience Circles” – Interview with Sarah Byrnes, Co-Director of New Economy Transition (NET) New England by Willi Paul, Media

Excerpt :

You see the process as ‘part of a larger effort to create a fair and healthy economy that works

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“Blackwater Rising” – Interview with Regina Hirsch: Organizer: Localizing California Waters Conference. 11/3 – 06/2014, Yosemite. By Willi Paul, Media

Localizing California Waters is a unique conference focusing on Integrated Water R

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“Parking Lot Love” - Interview #2 with Peter Ruddock, Transition Palo Alto by Willi Paul, Magazine

Enjoy my first interview with Peter: NorCal Transition Yeast: Interview with Peter Ruddock, Slow Money, Transition Palo Alto & San Mat

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“Building Our Transition Streets!” Interview with Maggie Fleming, Co-Director, Transition US by Willi Paul, Magazine

“This fall, neighbors across the country will be meeting in each other’s homes to support each other in reducing the

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The wondrous fruit harvest ritual at the Portland Fruit Tree Project. Interview with Bob Hatton by Willi Paul, Magazine

Portland Fruit Tree Project (PFTP) is an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides a community-based sol

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"Transporting Crude Oil on California Rails?" Interview with Diane Bailey, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council, SF by Willi Paul, Magazine

Introduction -

On March 28, 2014, Earthjustice filed a complaint and injunction

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Carbon Fighters “Cool the Earth” at Coleman Elementary. Interview with students Cayman Stein and Sam Testa by Willi Paul, Magazine


Coleman Elementary in San Rafael, CA recently launched its fifth year running Cool the Earth¹s Climat

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“A Love for Creation” – Invite & Interview with Permaculturist Penny Livingston - Commonweal Garden, Bolinas, CA

by Willi Paul, Magazine

Penny Livingston presents: 
“Discover how permaculture design can play a central role in building

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“THE MOTHER WHO PLANTS TREES.” An Indiegogo Restorative Agroforestry Project in India by Permaculturist Charlotte Anthony. Plus an Interview with Charlotte by Willi Paul Magazine

Project Overview

An Indiegogo Agroforestry Project in

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“A Hardy and Drought Tolerant People.” Interview with Taelor Monroe, Austin Permaculture Guild (TX) by Willi Paul, Magazine

“Permaculture is a set of design principles for anyone to use. These design principles are based on how natu

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 “Rain Dance @ Soul Food Farm on 2/1/14.” Pre-Event Interview with Owner / Farmer Alexis Koefoed. By Willi Paul,

Mother Earth is the sentience or soul of our planet. A sentience is that which is conscious or aware of itself and its

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“Storms, Extreme Tides, and Sea Level Rise.” Interview with Author and Climate Explorer John Englander by Willi Paul, Magazine

. . . . . . .

Some of them were dreamers
And some of them were fools
Who were making plans and thinking of

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Just before his death Joseph Campbell was interviewed by Bill Moyers and that interview was later turned into the documentary, “The Power of Myth.” In thi

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New Book: “We Are All On Flight 93: Bringing Spirit to R Evolution” * Interview with Author Derek Joe Tennant by Willi Paul, Magazine

“This book aims to ignite in you the fire that the passengers of Flight 93 felt when they took the

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“Permaculture Teachers & Transition Schools.” Interview with Matt Bibeau, Mother Earth School (Portland), by Willi Paul, Magazine

“Young children are deeply aware and impressionable. It wouldn't be fitting to try to teach permacultu

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“Meet Us at the Legal Café!” “Interview with Chris Tittle, Director of Organizational Resilience at The Sustainable Economies Law Center” (SELC) by Willi Paul, Magazine

We want to live in cities filled with a diversity of microente

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Hands on Resilience : Interview with Russell Evans, Director of Transition Lab” by Willi Paul, Magazine

* * * * * * *

Transition Lab has developed viable alternatives to the 40-hour-a-week job that enable the underemployed to get to

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“Paradigm Risks :  Interview with Jen Boynton, Editor in Chief of

by Willi Paul, Magazine


“Permaculture is a great way to reduce water and pesticide use. We need to find a way to bring these practices back into the a

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