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“Parking Lot Love” - Interview #2 with Peter Ruddock, Transition Palo Alto by Willi Paul, Magazine

Enjoy my first interview with Peter: NorCal Transition Yeast: Interview with Peter Ruddock, Slow Money, Transition Palo Alto & San Mat

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“One web site. One action plan. One planet” - Vision by Willi Paul,

One big dream that has recently meandered up my stained whiteboard laments a “super nova-global-local” re-alignment of people and resources. A kind of “last dance

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“Beemageddon & the Honey Bee!”  Interview with  Laurel Hopwood, Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Action Team & article by Todd Woody.

Presented by Willi Paul, Magazine


The impact honeybees have on the human population and the environ

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