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“The Signal Tree” – New Children's Myth by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine
Jeramie looks up and visions that the branches of the Signal Tree are like arms and hands and fingers. She knows that she invented “how to hug a tree.” But her role in
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Collective Manifestation: 
A Heart to Heart with Willi Paul and Author Melissa Wadsworth
Willi: How do traditional prayers (ritual) at meal or bedtime play a role in our society today? As you write: "Rituals are a way to experience more shared
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DUSK: Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design for Children’s Permaculture Stories.

Video. New Myth #61. Willi Paul, Newmythologist.com

Watch the Video for Dusk

- Keys to Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design -

+ "SCORE" design - base image for storytelling
+ Multi-media, w

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re:solutions - designs for a permaculture life.

eBook # 16 by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine

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“There is so much to explore, expose and transmutate in this world. All of my ideas come very quickly, unannounced; pouncing down with

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The Garden Symbol in Old & New Mythology. A Resource for Teachers. By Willi Paul, NewMythology.com

Garden Symbols - Old Mythology

• Garden of Eden

• Food as Sacred Spiritual
• Nature as Food Source – Hunt and Gather
• Family Garden
• Cemetery – Formal Gard

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“Permaculture - Bring Back Gaia!” Commentary by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine

I asked one of my recent interviewees if the Earth could be keystone specie? Consider the following “WIKI home office journey” that connects keystone specie with ec

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“THE MOTHER WHO PLANTS TREES.” An Indiegogo Restorative Agroforestry Project in India by Permaculturist Charlotte Anthony. Plus an Interview with Charlotte by Willi Paul Planetshifter.com Magazine

Project Overview

An Indiegogo Agroforestry Project in

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“Three Monoliths & the Crystal Triangle Network”, 2066 A.D. New Myth #50, Myth Lab #9 by Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

Just before his death Joseph Campbell was interviewed by Bill Moyers and that interview was later turned into the documentary, “Th

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Why are myths and stories so important to you?


Ironically, myths and stories are important because we have so few that have any value or integrity for today’s issues. I say that classic myths are burnt-out and Hollywood’s “big screens” are hope

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“Beemageddon & the Honey Bee!”  Interview with  Laurel Hopwood, Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Action Team & article by Todd Woody.

Presented by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine


The impact honeybees have on the human population and the environ

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