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Transition Palo Alto’s Spring Share Faire is March 15 at Lucie Stern Community Center, Fireside Room and Patio, Palo Alto, CA. Sunday, March 15, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Included here: Interview with Skill Share presenter Nick Turner of deep nature garde

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Event Transcription Excerpt and Database - Davis Mythic Roundtable by Bay Area Mythologist and Entrepreneur Willi Paul @ Davis Arts Center, 2/19/15.

Paul read one his 66 ”New Myths” and engineered a live “Myth Lab” exercise that will helped to generat

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Event Transcript – “Tools and Inspiration for Creating New Myths” - A Free Online Roundtable by Willi Paul - 11-18-2014

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Event Transcription – download the attachment at end of post (pdf)

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Key Topics from the Online Roundtable –

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“Nature is not a Ritual” – Online Roundtable Topic by Willi Paul,

Definitions -

A ritual is a semi-regular gathering of family or community members that share a Nature-based experience, value or dream often associated with local ro

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“CASCADIA: Community Mythology in Global Transition” - Download the ”Online Roundtable Reader”. By Willi Paul,

2 Free Downloads -

2014 Online Roundtable Reader

Texting Joseph Campbell - Five Methods to Design New Stories & ...

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Collective Manifestation: 
A Heart to Heart with Willi Paul and Author Melissa Wadsworth
Willi: How do traditional prayers (ritual) at meal or bedtime play a role in our society today? As you write: "Rituals are a way to experience more shared
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“Soil & Spirit: Quakers & Permaculture”

By Willi Paul,

“Having become a Quaker in 1978, Rowe realized that there was a correspondence between Quakerism and permaculture. They had in common: care for people, simplicity, community, e

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“Grid Town” (Permaculture Station) for the Post-Chaos Era + SYMBO Message 1.0 [video]. New Myth #65. By Willi Paul, Community

No one can predict how global warming will roll-out. It is our man-made, anti-Mother Nature monster cross to bear

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The Adventures of Permaculture Willi 3:

“The Bababerry Trellis Prayer”.

New Myth # 57 by Willi Paul,

Please enjoy the first two adventures of P-Willi:

The Adventures of Permaculture Willi (“P-Willi”): The Glowing Labyrinth. New Myth #5

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The Garden Symbol in Old & New Mythology. A Resource for Teachers. By Willi Paul,

Garden Symbols - Old Mythology

• Garden of Eden

• Food as Sacred Spiritual
• Nature as Food Source – Hunt and Gather
• Family Garden
• Cemetery – Formal Gard

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Myth Lab eBook 12

New Myths #38 – #48

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Why we need new myths, poems, songs, and rituals?

Just before his death Joseph Campbell was interviewed by Bill Moyers and that interview was later turned into the doc

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SunDial Tribe @ Cascadia. New Myth #48
by Willi Paul,


The old train watch tower in the center of the Tribe circle and food forest was retrofitted over ten years ago with a lighthouse lens from a Bolinas, CA antique

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process model

Myth Lab Live @ NW Permaculture Convergence 2013,
Forest Grove, OR” : Report from Willi Paul

 Just before his death Joseph Campbell was interviewed by Bill Moyers and that interview was later turned into the documentary, “The Power Of Myth.” In this

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Myth Lab is designed as an interactive, open source and iterative experience. We need to build our own messages and new myths to support new community, food and governance systems. Examples and process details on the five stage process can be found a

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