“Soil & Spirit: Quakers & Permaculture”

By Willi Paul,

“Having become a Quaker in 1978, Rowe realized that there was a correspondence between Quakerism and permaculture. They had in common: care for people, simplicity, community, ethical use of money and right livelihood. They both render infinite positive outcomes when practiced.”

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As a low dogma and universal practice, a Quaker & Permaculture union could increase community building and action on a host of issues like increasing community gardens and educating the public about the danger of oil on rail and GMOs. A team-up can add vigor, expertise and support for event design, outreach and implementation.

The best reasons for this collaboration? Making Friends and the co-enjoyment of Nature, Song and Spirit.

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In my 20’s, I attended many Quaker Meetings as I “ travelogued” across the country and each Meeting took me in and shared their love and Light. My silent meditations brought peace and sustainable reflection.

Gentle, thoughtful, anti-war and wary of authority, the Society of Friends or Quakers, remains a sane and green hearted group seeking connections to make a just world. Quaker values are aligned with the ethics and principles in permaculture. At the heart of a Friends school education are the Quaker values, or “testimonies,” of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship:

+ Simplicity - Clearing the way for deeper engagement in ourselves, our community, and our education

+ Peace – Creating peace in ourselves and our community

+ Integrity – Being true to oneself and one's values and honest with others

+ Community – Respecting and valuing every person's place in our lives

+ Equality – Respecting every person's right to fairness and respect

+ Stewardship – Valuing the gifts we have been given

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Consider this synergy: Quaker Earthcare Witness is different from organizations that come from a purely environmental standpoint in that they seek to improve their relationship with the Earth by respecting all creation. They feel that a spiritual need rests at the heart of our current environmental crises and that by applying Friends’ ways and testimonies, they can bring a voice of connection, reflection, deepening, and right action to today’s environmental concerns.

Query: How can we help each other?

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