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Event Transcription Excerpt and Database - Davis Mythic Roundtable by Bay Area Mythologist and Entrepreneur Willi Paul @ Davis Arts Center, 2/19/15.

Paul read one his 66 ”New Myths” and engineered a live “Myth Lab” exercise that will helped to generat

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Rituals of the Return (via Transition Movement)

by Willi Paul,

Are your closets, basements, attics, trunks, offices and garages crammed full of stuff you longer want? Your community can benefit from those clothes and other items. T

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“Creation Mythology” - Article and Interview with Author Ray Grigg by Willi Paul,

“Has the Prima Materia changed? Or perhaps do we need new myths to find it?” – Willi, LinkedIn Mythology Group 11-28-14

* * * * * *

Creation Mythology b

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Instinct + Paranoia = Resilience? Climate change, species extinction and terrorism in the Chaos Era. By Willi Paul,

[ 1 ] Three Definitions -

A behavior is instinctive if it is performed without being based upon prior experience (

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"resilience in our age of dementia" - permaculture sound cartoonSCORE Video. New Myth #62. Willi Paul, Media

Watch the Video for resilience in our age of dementia

Project Site @

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"Life in the Edge (an edu-video)" on Permaculture Principle 8 by Willi Paul, Media

Life in the Edge

Watch the Video!

Questions for Kids from the Project:

+ Where are the edges that you live work and play in?

+ When is an edge a barrier? A

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The Spell

sedona  spells

v o r t e x   h a z e

1   2   4

c a c t u s  p o t i o n s

p r i c k

s t r e a m  b a n k s

r e d  s a i n t s



u p s i d e  d o w n  t r e e

b e  a  n e s t  n o w!

s u n 's

s o u l f u l


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By Suzanne York,, May 15, 2012

8095725897?profile=originalA full agenda was on tap here at the first main day of the Degrowth in the Americas conference. Below is some of what was discussed at the morning session, which set the stage for this week-long event.

It kick

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