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 “10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mythologist at Your Start-Up!”

By Willi Paul,

+ Mythologists are outside the box thinkers who stick to your audience.

+ We bring a global perspective from your customers to your content.

+ Need to wea

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Gathering of the Tribes Radio presents a conversation with Willi Paul
Writer / Publisher of Magazine and

Topic: “Mythmaking and Creating a Sustainable Culture with Permaculture”

Show Host: Doctor G

Time: Thursday, May

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“The Permaculture Potluck Cafe” – “New Myth #53”

by Willi Paul,

concerted grassroots effort with the potential for peaceful solutions is taking root through the spread of permaculture, an Earth-centered expression of the spiritual

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“The Coil Pattern and the Global Warming Meme” - Vision by Willi Paul,

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I. Consider Two Definitions:

Global warming refers to an unequivocal and continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth's climate system. Since

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sound scapes for kids
eBook #15
willi paul

Download eBook #5

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b o o k 
i n t r o

passports to the TV bored
text love-savvy

world fone generation
headphones blazing, encoded not

make it send it get one back
kid’s secret st

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The Spell

sedona  spells

v o r t e x   h a z e

1   2   4

c a c t u s  p o t i o n s

p r i c k

s t r e a m  b a n k s

r e d  s a i n t s



u p s i d e  d o w n  t r e e

b e  a  n e s t  n o w!

s u n 's

s o u l f u l


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Connect: Use relative location: Place elements in ways that create useful relationships and time-saving connections among all parts. The number of connections among elements creates a healthy, diverse ecosystem, not the number of elements.”  
-  Perm
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Access > Plan > Stewardship

The Roundabout Food Forest Gang (RFF) had a vision of returning a four block street and roundabout to a place to walk, connect, plant and harvest, including a pathway for walkers and bikes in a post-petroleum rebirth. RFF

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