Why are myths and stories so important to you?


Ironically, myths and stories are important because we have so few that have any value or integrity for today’s issues. I say that classic myths are burnt-out and Hollywood’s “big screens” are hopelessly redundant in themes and soap operatic in message. Game Boys and shoot-’em-ups are all the rage at home, but there are no valuable myths in the depiction of white soldiers shooting up Arabs or undergrads doing beer bongs! What spurs me to write my own new myths are the ethics and principles of permaculture. But this so-called new “soil design science” is down on the idea of a spiritual / culture kit, and desperately needs visionary and sustainable partners to widen and realize a “community-garden future” without electricity, gasoline and nation-sponsored war.



Interview Index

Seeds & Ladders. A Conversation with Permaculture Designer Jenny Pell, Pacific Northwest.

Justice Begins with Seeds Conference - Interview #2 with GMO Educator & Presenter Pamm Larry, Presented by the May 18 – 19, SF

AppleSeed Permaculture’s New Land Managers Program. Interview with Dyami Nason-Regan and Ethan Roland

Justice Begins with Seeds Conference - Interview with Presenter Katherine Zavala, IDEX. Presented by the May 18 -19, 2012, SF.

A Regenerative Ag Incubator for Veterans – Interview with Deston Denniston, Vets Cafe Program (Pac NW).

Transition Man. Interview with John Steere, Environmental Alchemist / Planner.

Crowdfunding for Permaculture Now! Article / Interview with Christian Shearer of

“Shapeshift Threshold Reverie”. Interview with Maila T. Davenport PhD,, Portland.

The Mythology of Lemmings. Interview by Willi - Article on New Mythology by Kari McGregor, Editor, Spirit of the Times.

“Pushing Away from Capitalism.” Interview with Kim Krichbaum of Eugene Gift Circles.


“A Million Seeds” – Interview with Permaculturist / Author Christopher Shein.

“Urban Land Scouts Interview with Founder Katie Ries”.

The Gratitude Code. Interview with Founders Nicholas Eamon Walker & Benjamin Crandall

“The Invisible Pedestrian.” Interview with Natalie Burdick,Walk SF.

“Oil and Water” : Interview with Pat Moran - Music Director, Writer, San Francisco Mime Troupe.

“Spiraling into Permaculture & New Mythology”- Interview with Shari Tarbet, PhD., OSHER Institute.

“Mythography & the Universal Human” : Interview with Allison Stieger, Principal at Mythic Stories (Seattle).

“Alley Allies Project” : Interview with Katie Hughes, Mill Street Community Planning, Portland, OR.

Hands on Resilience : Interview with Russell Evans, Director of Transition Lab.


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