Look Who's Taking Action: Urban Tilth


It is pretty cool to be able to go out to your garden and pick fresh vegetables to include in your lunch or dinner.  However, not everyone has the ability to grow their own food, and some areas may lack fresh produce in their grocery stores.  To improve access to fresh vegetables in more communities, dedicated individuals and organizations are helping to establish urban and community gardens.

One such organization, Urban Tilth, consists of 13 school and community gardens and farms in west Contra Costa County.  Urban Tilth was founded in 2005, and has been helping to create more healthy and sustainable communities.   Each of the garden projects is unique to the communities in which they are located. 


Urban Tilth has also created the Farm to Table CSA, which is a youth and local resident non-profit venture.  The mission of the Farm to Table CSA is to make sure that “fresh, locally grown and organic produce is available to all West Contra Costa residents”.   The membership levels, “Pay it Forward”, “Everybody Eats”, “Access Membership”, and “Food For All”, range in prices from $5-$25, and instill a sense of community simply with their names.  For the higher-priced membership levels, part of the fee is used to help lower-income families join the CSA.


For more information, visit Urban Tilth’s website here

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