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Why choose ORGANIC mattresses and bedding? color:black"">

PBDE’s changes a child's intelligence and memory and increases hyperactivity, damages hearing learning and Flame retardent passes through the placenta and is absorbed by the new born. The feder

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Look Out For Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde and your lack of well being,

Formaldehyde is in your lipstick, toothpaste, soft drinks, shampoo, kitchen cabinets, carpeting and wall board of your kid’s school and parent’s mobile home. Eye, nose and throat irritation coughing, skin rash

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Chemical Free and Nontoxic Alternatives

Please share this information in schools and in kindergardents and at work as kids and parents are both less effectve while using toxic fragranced products in clothing and as personal cosmetics .


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Before You Go Solar-Seal the Leaks

Everyone wants to "Go Solar". Before you go solar you need to seal up the leaks in your home and have healthy, controlled air coming into your home not leaking from a dusty attic or moist crawl space. Going solar without fixing the leaks is like havi
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Un-Official Thanks and Update

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback.

Please look for official updates on my pages listed on the previous blog entry.

Response to recycling: Actually we pay thousands of dollars a month for recycling. We have areas of the district where the collector will
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Aphids? Some natural solutions.

The aphids and (their many relatives) are busy at this time of year, as our roses and other blossoms begin to emerge. This Thursday, I will release 5,000 lacewing larva – the babies are insect eating machines – and the lacewing is one of those amazin

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Mycorrhizae the Magnificent

I nudged through a debris pile in my garden. It contained begonia rootballs that I had pulled from a site after the last hard frost. Observing the new leaves on what had appeared completely dead plant matter was another opportunity for learning - beg

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