Chemical Free and Nontoxic Alternatives

Please share this information in schools and in kindergardents and at work as kids and parents are both less effectve while using toxic fragranced products in clothing and as personal cosmetics .



These are dryer sheets that are fragrance free, chemical free and nontoxic. They are environmentally safe and hypoallergenic with no allergens or
irritating chemicals like Alpha Terpeneol, Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, Camphor, Chloroform, Ethyl
Acetate, Limonene, Linalool Pentane that effect your brain and nervous system
or those of your neighbors. If you are using the regular toxic dryers sheets
please consider that some of us actually pass out with these toxic chemicals.
You are also likely to be a little less well if you use them or detergents that
include these chemicals.

Reusable 500 times and safe for seniors, babies, children, pets, people with sensitive itchy skin, sensitive lungs, nose and people with migraines or a vulnerable immune system. The toxic dryer sheets
are effecting gait and balance and coherence.

One set of sheets last for 3 years

No chemicals and no toxicity. This fragrance free chemical free laundry product softens fabric materials eliminates static cling and reduces the need for ironing wrinkles and creases. If you blend some
cotton with the synthetic clothing you will also have less static cling. 1 set of 2 natural, Hypo-allergenic sheets
look like small tee shirts and last 2 to 3 years!

Allergy sufferers, chemically injured, environmentally injured, autistic or add, ADHD, invalids, allergic to everything, asthmatics and environmentally green conscientious citizens

For added static protection you can rub directly on your laundry as it leaves no residue. Using the laundromat or being in a room with people that use conventional laundry softeners is a health
hazard of serious proportions for many people.

2 or 3 years supply for 2 washes a week. These dryer sheets have the advantages of a traditional dryer sheet, without chemicals, fragrances, fumes and petro chemical odors. 5 washes at least are needed until the
residue of the previous chemicals leave the dryer.

Please pass along this information to anyone who is suffering from chemicals in dryer sheets.

Participate in greening our community

Seniors will not feel dizzy and incoherent or suffer from itchy sking, buring eyes or ashtm or magraine if they stop using regular laundry softners as in their TIDE or Bounce or Snuggly.

Wash with laundry every 6 to 10 washes or so.

check internet for availability-look for toxic free dryer sheets

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