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PBDE’s changes a child's intelligence and memory and increases hyperactivity, damages hearing learning and Flame retardent passes through the placenta and is absorbed by the new born. The federal EPA, has jurisdiction over the chemicals but has made no move to regulate them.yes""> Two Cal/EPA scientists, writing in a scientific journals, have recommended a phase out of the chemicals.-Less toxic alternatives to the persistent PBDE flame retardant are desirable," wrote McDonald and Cal/EPA scientist Kim Hooper.
Representatives of the four companies that manufacture PBDE's oppose a ban, saying the compounds' benefits to pubic safety are well known and their risks are uncertain. Several dozen flame-retarding compounds other than PBDE's exist and do not accumulate in tissues and pose less risk. Exposure to toxic chemicals are probably highest in North America because it is the only place still using the form of PBDE most likely to accumulate in humans and the environment. That compound, penta-BDE, is banned in Europe but is used in polyurethane foam of furniture and building materials in the United States. Exposure levels of tested Americans
vary widely - some people carry concentrations as much as 100 times as high as
others. Americans carry 10 to 70 times as much PBDE's in their breast milk,
tissues and blood as Europeans do. No wonder we are so low on the level of learning abilities in our schools . Kids and parents are literally poisoned
Lead, mercury and PCB's - are known to harm human health at levels found
in the environment. The new studies provide evidence that PBDE's may be the
fourth. PBDE's have striking similarities to PCB's which were banned in the 1970's because they were collecting in the tissues of people and wildlife. Like PCB's and DDT, PBDE's
are slow to break down, persisting in the environment and accumulating in human
and animal fat. PBDE concentrations increase as the chemicals move up through
the food web, peaking in top predators such as whales, dolphins, birds of prey
and humans.

PBDE's mimic thyroid hormones, which regulate the growth of a baby's neurological system. Because of that, if exposure comes during a critical phase of brain growth, it
can alter how the brain develops. Chemicals are altering thyroid hormones.
Altering thyroid hormones during fetal development "can affect how the
brain functions. Also, Eriksson and other toxicologists say the flame retardant
has the same effects as PCB's on the brains of newborn animals in the in
wildlife worldwide, settling in oceans and lakes just as PCB's and DDT did.
Even polar bears near the North Pole and sperm whales feeding in deep ocean
waters are contaminated with them.
Some environmental scientists say the discovery of PBDE's near the North
Pole proves their global spread, and that this should be an impetus for U.S.
regulators to take precautionary measures as soon as possible. Please make a point of sharing this information with your doctor who may not know to what extent these newest harsh
regulations are impacting the health of their patients .Ask for a note to
free you from these chemicals. Have your request in your medical file so you
can deduct all non toxic organic products as a health expense or partial health
expense. We will not sell you a mattress with the latest ruling of fire
retardant even if you ask for it . daliya

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