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If you have a car or bike (or need one) and you are ready to embrace the “sharing economy”, there are various sites that make it easy to do so.  Zipcar and Getaround are avenues for car sharing, while Spinlister is a sharing platform for bikes, snowboards,  and skis.   If you are looking to share peer-to-peer, then explore Getaround and Spinlister.  Zipcar allows you to rent from a fleet of cars in specific locations that can be found through the website.  Each of these companies has guarantees to help ensure that the sharing experience is a positive one.  


How do I start sharing my bike, snowboard, etc… on Spinlister?


First create a listing (including a photo) for your ride on Spinlister, here. Once Spinlister reviews your listing, it will be posted on the site.  

Next, potential renters will contact you with requests for dates and times.  You then can approve the time or suggest another time.

Once the renter confirms the date and time with you, he or she will make the payment before picking up the ride.  Spinlister then pays you once the rental is complete.

Spinlister has a guarantee that in the unlikely event that your ride is damaged or stolen while being rented out, the company will replace or repair the ride (up to $10,000 for bikes, up to $2,000 for surfboards and SUP, and up to $1,000 for skis and snowboards).

Click here to search for a ride on Spinlister.


How do I rent a car using Zipcar?


The first step is to create an account with Zipcar, here.  There is a $25 application fee and the membership fee in the SF Bay Area is $6/month.  Once you’re approved by Zipcar, you will be sent a Zipcard that gives you access to the fleet of cars whose locations can be found here.

You can then reserve a Zipcar (for a couple of hours or a full day) online or on their mobile app, typically at rates of  $8.50/ hour and $79/ day.  Gas and insurance costs are included.

When you’re ready to pick up the car, just hold the Zipcard to the windshield and it will unlock the doors.

At the end of your reserved rental time, return the car to the original parking spot.


How does Getaround car sharing work?


Start by creating a listing for your car, here.

Once you start receiving rental requests, you will have 8 hours to accept or decline the requests.   

You will set the meeting location to handoff the car keys or can use Getaround Connect™ to allow trusted drivers immediate access to your car.

Rental earnings are sent to you monthly, and include a detailed report.  Getaround has a 40% commission, which is used to cover insurance costs, customer support, and other services.

Getaround provides insurance that covers liability, collision, property damage, and uninsured motorist protection.   To guarantee that only safe drivers can rent your car, Getaround confirms identity of the renter and runs a secure driving record check through the DMV. 

Membership is free.  If you are looking to rent a car through Getaround, join here.   


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