The Adventures of Permaculture Willi 2: Contest to ReCreate the Permaculture Logo. New Myth #56 by Willi Paul,

* * * * * * *

“Lucky you have that contest, it’s gonna be raining for the next few days,” shouted P-Willi’s Mom.

“So true, Mother Dear! Where are your boots!” she waves. Inside her yurt, it’s all blue diodes and water bottles.

P-Willi boots up her WIN 7 tower and logs back into, a freeware online design platform some guy at the Sharing Expo told her about.

"Here is info about the original permaculture logo!"

All of the teams had the same starting point and reason for taking on such an important project. Most permies agree that the original permaculture logo by Andrew Jeeves requires new elements, a deeper spirit and integration with Transition and other sources.

* * * * * * *

Her buddy Astro in Sydney is face washed but hungry but in front of her monitor as promised. Real time is lost when these two start visioning.

“OK, here are historic examples of the original logo. Keep in mind that we have 3 days to execute and upload our draft design,” drilled P-Willi.

'The great oval of the design represents the egg of life; that quantity of life which cannot be created or destroyed, but from within which all things that live are expressed. Within the egg is coiled the rainbow snake, the Earth-shaper of Australian & American aboriginal peoples.

Within the body of the Rainbow Serpent is contained the Tree of Life, which itself expresses the general pattern of life forms, as further elaborated in the chapter on pattern in this book. Its roots are in earth, & its crown in rain sunlight & wind. Elemental forces & flows shown external to the oval represent the physical environment, the sun & the matter from which life on earth is formed. The whole cycle & form is dedicated, as is this book, to the complexity of life on Earth.'

* * * * * * *

“Where is the internet in the old logo,” inquires Astro?

“We’ll add it!” shouts P-Willi.

Do you dig the four applied technologies? We can connect them to the Four Elements for deeper meaning,” P-Willi.

“Yo to that, Girl!” quipped Astro.

* * * * * * *

See the teen’s draft design for the contest.

Design Elements in the draft ReCreation of the Permaculture Logo -

A. Four connected elements are Earth, Wind, Water and Fire

B. Sustainable Village replaces Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden myth

C. Cobb House, Wind Mill, Grey Water System and Rocket Stove are examples of applied permaculture technology

D. World Wide Web connects all elements and values

E. Four rings (4 is a “power number”) of the serpent’s tail encircle Ecology, Community, Transition and New Mythology

F. Serpent is a mythological and alchemic force of support, mystery and change

G. Serpent creates an egg shape that represents the Mother

H. Tree of Life is another symbol of the Earth

I. The rainbow on the serpent’s back is to give support to all people in our struggle for equality

* * * * * * *

“It will be interesting to see the other entries,” said Astro.

“Yup. How all the changes to the logo are manifest and re-aligned with today’s movement will be good to see, especially as they compare to ours,” screeched P-Willi.

The contest slips into “wait and see mode” as the teens put their gardens back up on their radars.

* * * * * * *

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