Permaculture Propaganda Lab @ old seed bomb factory (2019). New Myth # 54 by Willi Paul, Magazine

"Last month we took up to much too message, an undoable scale."

"Ya right. The “Food Forests on Mars” campaign!"

Sponsored by North Bay City Lands Conversion Group was underwritten by Permaculture Principle #6.

"Not sure that "Make the least change for the greatest effect" was the result?"

"Maybe sometimes we should just make the case instead of propagating silly slogans?!"


* * * * * * *

Two months ago, the crew did the “seed library on wheels” campaign. The truck was robbed twice.

Permaculture Propaganda Lab's ( PPL) strategy for their case strapped clients is often simple: pick one principle or ethic from permaculture and design a campaign for the client.

Weaving Nature lore, sustainability and human subjects in the NorCal biosphere, PPL works a new campaign per month for food, concert tickets or fresh fish - to name of few things bartered.

The seed bomb factory on the first floor was closed down by the feeds late last year after an all-night Psilocybin-drenched rave and an early morning product demonstration got out of hand.

In 2019, multiple NorCal tipping points are fracking the permie scene as the rich consolidate power, make higher fences and force the poor to fight for their injustice.

* * * * * * *

The Perma Store has brought their visions, wares and woes to PPL for an outreach transfusion after buying up the Dollar Store franchise in 2017 and seeing sales of permaculture tools go down by 24%.

"Let's lease the 14 NorCal bill boards from Zippy’s Sign Mafia and go with:"

"Grow It - Eat It - Compost it @ The Perma Store."

"Thankfully some sign locations are in urban settings. Few can afford the train or auto travel charges at this point.

"Sounds like Principle #7 fits ok here: "Start with the smallest systems and build on your successes, with variations."

"What comes after the billboard?"

”One dollar Perma Store Hella tattoos!”

* * * * * * *

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