DUSK: Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design for Children’s Permaculture Stories.

Video. New Myth #61. Willi Paul,

Watch the Video for Dusk

- Keys to Sound – Symbol - SCORE Design -

+ "SCORE" design - base image for storytelling
+ Multi-media, whole brain approach
+ Kid friendly
+ Visual / sound / text for Universal messaging
+ Language independent
+ Process to produce new Nature stories and myths
+ Common software tools
+ PermaMyth Archive – file sharing / library

Sound / Text Tracks -

1 Light Fall
2 Dark Rise
3 Mood Shift Slide
4 Temperature Drop
5 Expectations Rise
6 Romance Rhymes
7 Slow to Ponderer
8 Warmth and Wonder
9 Self-Seduction
10 Nature Glow

Permagram Symbolic Language for Global (Post-Crash) Permaculture Tribes by Willi Paul.
Permaculture Teaching Video #3.


d u s k - sample credits:

la nature d4ouzoud

Long Fuzz.aif

Hesitating Blues

Wind howling3.mp3

Wicked Bass Drop

Sax tweaked 2.wav


Dream Intro.wav


All My Sins Been Taken Away
The Library of Congress, American Memory Home

Strange noise

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