Collective Manifestation: 
A Heart to Heart with Willi Paul and Author Melissa Wadsworth
Willi: How do traditional prayers (ritual) at meal or bedtime play a role in our society today? As you write: "Rituals are a way to experience more shared daily meaning." Are prayers the "right" ritual to build faith and community?
Melissa: Yes I'm sure that there are segments of society who still find traditional prayer at meals and bedtime a comforting and meaningful ritual. In regards to Collective Manifestation, my experience is that ritual (of any sort) can be used to reinforce intention, to organize co-creative practices and processes, for celebration, and as a way to affirm spirituality. Ritual can be an embodiment of intention (about how to live, how to receive, how to give, and so forth). Ritual can be used as a way to make room for new possibility. For instance, with my New Village 22 group, the ritual of meditative visioning on the new and full moons helps focus us and keeps us progressing with the processes we have decided to use for manifestation. 
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