“The Signal Tree” – New Children's Myth by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine
Jeramie looks up and visions that the branches of the Signal Tree are like arms and hands and fingers. She knows that she invented “how to hug a tree.” But her role in re-rooting the universal anima is about to get much grander than a view and a hug.
Yesterday the soil around the old tree began sprouting saplings, something that Jeramie had never witnessed before. First there were 25 or so 1, inch dark green shoots peering around the base of their Mother like miniature periscopes. She walked around the tree amazed. “Are these babies? A moat?” she pondered.
That night she had a dream. A light being came to her with instructions. She is to collect the young trees and plant the saplings in a great circle throughout her immediate neighborhood, and include some of the leaves and top soil from around the old tree in each hole.
“The leaves and top soil is my mythic DNA, young lady,” the light said. This is the next instruction set for your Planet. “The old tree will be soon passing away having completed its eco-mission.”
Jeramie returned to the tree for a jig and to collect her offspring, now about 12 inches tall and fifty in number.
* * * * * * *
“Where are the best places for my cosmic trees,” she cried! Then her permaculture training showed her the path and she found good soils, water sources and sun light for each of the skinny beings.
21 days later, an unbelievable moment multiplied by 50 green heads across her county side home. Each tree grew to 13 feet in height and bore fruit the likes of which had never ever been seen or tasted.
All of trees have the same symbol midway up their trunks: two triangles overlapping each other, vertically; one upside down, one right side up. A love tattoo on a skin tight cellulose uniform, sent from far, far way.
The beautiful Mother Tree finally fell softly back to Earth as her last breathe rippled through the Gilded air. Children and elders prayed for her with a short round in a bitter sweet celebration:
“Wood - Leaves - Bark - Roots - Harvest - Fruit - Shoots - Sharing - Water - Sun - Moon”
* * * * * * *
The fruit from the second generation tree has the skin of an avocado, the size of a planting fist and the juice like a pear. Many, many seeds swim locked deep into the fleshy fruit like those in a spaghetti squash.
The jam from Jeramie’s trees spread just as fast as the hybrid trees themselves. In five years the “double diamond” miracle tree was shoulder to shoulder in most of the permaculture food forests and transition gardens across the planet. The “people’s tree” soon came to be known as a drought tolerant, fast propagation and high shade variety.
The hillside near Rocky Mount, North Carolina that Mother Tree grew through her many seasons and spawned the original marked saplings is a now a sacred place  for Jeramie and visitors alike. Her love and seeds for humankind pumps through our hearts in places like the Sudan, South Detroit and Richmond, California.
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