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eBook # 16 by Willi Paul, Magazine

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“There is so much to explore, expose and transmutate in this world. All of my ideas come very quickly, unannounced; pouncing down with mythos and lightning, 75 percent complete. I build and published them with this same urgency.” WOX

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Permaculture Corps for Planet Earth – A Model for Our Transition

VASTE: Transmuting New Symbols, Community Alchemy & Myth for the Permaculture Age. YouTube Video + Sketches

Community Alchemy 8: Video. Urban Transition Center, Concept Plan

SoundSourcing: Building the New Permaculture - based Mythology Video / SoundScape

Mythic Sound Ring Journey – Solar Flare – New Myth 22 (video)

Transition Media Center for Permaculture Arts - Video Vision

The Girls Dig Culotte

"Raising Permaculture Consciousness - Three Roles & Synergies?"

“The Roundabout Food Forest Gang” : New Myth #47, by Rob Joyce, Please Touch Garden & Willi Paul

“The Sharing & Re-Skilling Show!”

“New Sharing & Return Rituals & Their Symbols in Transition”

Mythology is Technology: The MythoTechnics Vision

“Collapsed Time Stress Disorder & Mythic Time”

“Barn Dance Media Center” (BDMC). “Integrated Accelerator for the Permaculture & Transition Movement”

“The Coil Pattern and the Global Warming Meme”

The Garden Symbol in Old & New Mythology. A Resource for Teachers Magazine
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