“Creating Local Holidays, Festivals, & New Traditions for the Transition Movement?” Video Interviews, Transition Tales 3 from Transition Palo Alto Sharing Expo, March 16, Common Ground, Palo Alto. By Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

Transition is a world-wide movement to respond to resource depletion and climate change by building local resilience. Transitioners all over the world are working creatively to build a connected and vibrant future. The Spring Sharing Expo is a Transition Palo Alto quarterly event.

Many believe that the Transition Movement can benefit from a non-judgmental and open-ended discussion on how traditional and Transitional events and festivals support each other.

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Interview Topics from the Sharing Expo –

1. What annual spring holidays do you celebrate?

2. How does Transition support that?

3. How can we improve the celebration of traditional holidays through Transition values and tools?

4. How does Transition create new holidays and celebrations?

Enjoy the transition tales 3 video interviews -

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See Transition Tales 1 & 2 -

Transition Tales 1:

Transition Tales 2:

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