What's Your Packaging Pet Peeve?

Have you recently come across bothersome packaging, like products sealed into the kind of clear molded plastic package that requires bolt cutters to open? Or the disposable coffee cup you were handed before you could even ask for a ceramic mug? Wasteful, unnecessary, non-recyclable or just plain annoying - please tell me about a specific packaging item that bugs you! We'll feature some in the next CCCSWA "Diversions" newsletter.

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  • So true!! I had forgotten about those pathetic apple slices, when most fruit comes in its own highly functional (and super eco!) packaging! I had to "close" my intake of packaging peeves for the summer Diversions newsletter or I would have loved to include this one! If you live in Central Contra Costa County, keep an eye out for Diversions in your mailbox (along with the garbage bill) in early May and June...our topic is "packaging"!

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