When thinking of Health and Wellness, I always think about Cindy Gershen, chef and owner of the delicious Sunrise Bistro in Walnut Creek.  She is one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met and she has accomplished so much, including losing 100 pounds and keeping it off!.  She began her Wellness City Challenge locally right here in Walnut Creek, took it to a county level in 2009 with the Mayor's Challenge, and she's still going strong!  Visit the website at www.wellnesscitychallenge.com for simple Eating Healthy Guidelines 101 and Reading Labels 101. 

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  • Healthy Eating Guidelines 101

    Read the label on processed/packaged food....

    No Sugar in the First 3 Ingredients
    Sugar is in almost everything that is processed or packaged. There are over 40 names for sugar (High Fructose Corn Syrup is the most common), so make sure to read each ingredient!

    3 Grams of Fiber per 100 Calories
    Fiber is critical to living a long healthy life. Unfortunately processed foods take fiber out to increase shelf life. To ensure the healthiest eating only look for foods with a large amount of fiber!

    No Trans Fat/Hydrogenated Oils - EVER
    Trans Fat and Hydrogenated Oils may increase the shelf life of your food, but at the expense of your health! These harmful fats increase heart disease, cholesterol and obesity. Look for foods with healthy oils (mono- and poly-unsaturated) for a longer and healthier life.

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