• Slugs love this moist weather.  Some of the management measures I recommend:

    1.  Ducks love to eat slugs. 

    2.  Rincon Vitova sells a dehydrated beer and special container that will keep the beneficial insects out, but allow the slugs in.  Rincon Vitova is a source for all beneficial insects and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) resources.


         EPA document on IPM offers further insights


    3.  Sluggo does look like a non toxic option; however, we should consider what other beneficial insects we may be affecting by use of the product.  Sow bugs ('Rolly Polly') and other important high level predators in the Soil Foodweb may be negatively affected by the iron phosphate.  Not sure of data, just a note to consider.


    4.  When I find slugs, I do handpick and transfer to my compost pile.  There is plenty of food for them there and they actually facilitate decomposition. 


    A note to wash hands after handling slugs.  Their protective sticky slime actually absorbs water, so soap or Bon Ami may be necessary to rid the slime from the hands.


    Blessings,  Jae

  • Hi Tina,

    I've found a few things that work with slugs. Of course there's always handpicking (ewww.) I sometimes put out a pan of beer and that seems to attract them away from plants. There are also commercial products like Sluggo that contain iron phosphate which is safe and effective. 

    How are you? Have a great holiday and I'll see you next year.

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