Plastic produce bags, paper coffee cups, plastic straws - what do these have in common? They take energy and resources to produce, but on average are used for just a few minutes before they are disposed! 8095752078?profile=original
Pledge to reduce waste by ditching the one-time-use products and go "reusable" for 30 days. Once you get in the habit of environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable items, you may find that you can go "reusable" for a lot longer than 30 days! Here are some easy swaps:
  • Instead of plastic produce bags, get some washable mesh produce bags. Also, some items don't need to be bagged separately (for example, a bunch of bananas is already neatly packaged together, no need for more packaging!).
  • Instead of disposable plastic utensils, remember to bring your own (keep a set in your car, backpack, office etc.) to wash and reuse.
  • Instead of plastic straws, go straw-less! Just politely say to the waiter, "glass of water, no straw please". Or, invest in a stainless steel one. Did you know each day we use 500,000,000 disposable plastic straws? They can end up contributing to plastic pollution in our waterways.
  • Instead of ziploc bags, store your snacks in reusable containers. 8095752658?profile=original
For more ideas, check out ideas from Zero Waste Home and Earth911. And don't forget to submit your pledge to go reusable, at

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