Recycled Sculpture Contest

I can see SCOCO hosting a huge recycled sculpture contest each year as another fun fundraising activity. Main Street WC, City Park in WC, Todos Santos Plaza in Concord ... somewhere open and showy. Concord would love an event like this. Like the Recycled Fashion Show, once we have a location, all we'd really need is prize money. Charge a reasonable registration fee, let people sell their works at the event. Add some music and fun categories (e.g. kinetic) ... I think this type of event would really catch on. And it'd be a great venue for public education. 

FYI - the short film that we saw at the March (?) Green Rheem of artistic images of our wasted products really sets the stage for how to engage the public in the enormity of the problem. 

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  • I think it'd be a perfect fit for the GreenFEST event(s) since you plan more than one next year. Why not. We could add a small scale one this year if you can get the word out SOON...What's the criteria and the prize? Let's brainstorm this one.
  • Anne Baker has agreed to take this on along with the Trashy Fashion Show at the Oktoberfest in Concord. We're proposing to pitch this as the Recycled Art and Fashion Show (or something like that). Our meeting with RC went very well - Anne's on top of this - this should be quite a fun event!
  • The art in the videos is great. Thanks, Mark, for presenting this idea, I think it could be really fun. If we're going to go ahead, we'll need volunteers to organize and plan it.

    Anyone interested in volunteering to help with the Recycled Sculpture Contest or the Recycled Fashion Show should contact Mark.
  • Here's a map of the Oktoberfest layout at the Plaza. The red S spots are where Kathy says that we can create a sculpture garden. The red G is where we can set up a "green tent" for the summer concerts. Kathy says that this is all a "go" on her end, she will be getting permission from the City's rep. next week for the Oktoberfest event. Shouldn't be a problem. She'll talk to Vic, the market manager, about the green booth whenever we're ready with a plan.

    Oktoberfest Map 2010 V1.pdf

  • I was up in Arcata recently and had a chance to explore their farmers market and 1st annual street art exhibition. Music, food, lots of things. Very cool. Here are photos of some of "recycled" sculptures. The fish on the ground is made of lawnmower blades and bike chains. The scales on the fish on the stand are also bike chains. The cube is make of recycled metal on a stand of recycled shafts and pipe on a base of brake drums.

    Have you seen the very big and very cool recycled sculptures made by Patrick Amiot, the famous artist in Sebastapol? Imagine these at Todos Santos Plaza ...

    Eureka May 2010 Pix 009.jpg

    Eureka May 2010 Pix 010.jpg

    Eureka May 2010 Pix 020.jpg

    Weight Lifter Recycling Patrick's Gallery • Film
    Film clip of Phillip Amiot sculpture using recycled materials to create a giant weight lifter. Community street gallery of sculptures on Florence Ave…
  • I talked to Kathy Ocean who produces Concord's Oktoberfest event. She's very willing to have SCOCO host a Recycled Sculpture Contest at the event. This would provide us with a huge audience and an ideal venue for education. I'm confident that we could draw artists from all over the Bay Area. I've sketched out the contest framework. I see this very much like the annual Scarecrow Contest that used to be held at the Nut Tree in Vacaville. Let's put Concord on the map as having the coolest recycled sculpture contest in the Bay Area! Who wants to take this on?
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