Last month, around Thanksgiving and the omnipresent "Black Friday," a friend of mind sent me an email about this really cool idea. The gist is to buy local for the Holidays. I have  heard that this idea is taking off and actually becoming a movement. So, what have I done to help? Several things. I started off at a local farmers' market where I bought some locally handcrafted bath soap and skin lotion for one of my sisters. The items even came in a really cool hand-made bag. I bought a little bottle of the skin lotion for myself, to try it out. Now I'm hooked, and so is my husband. I also made jewelry for my daughter-in-law and grand-daughter this year. You can't get more local than your own home I guess. I had so much fun too. I even took it a step further and made my own holiday cards. They are all unique and made with love. My husband complained about the glitter all over the house though.


I heard on the radio the other day that if everyone bought just one or two gifts made locally, or even in the US, it would create over a 100,000 jobs. I have also been hearing a new catch-phrase: "Cheap-Chinese-Junk." This phrase really creates an image for me that has stuck. If you would like more inspiration on buying local for the holidays visit:

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