Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving - has traditionally been all about shopping. However, people and companies are increasingly questioning the effects of the one-day buying frenzy on businesses and the planet. 

Over the last few years, the movement of anti-consumerism has become more popular as we become more aware of climate change and its effects on our direct environment. Is green the new black?


2 Ways to Celebrate "Green Friday":

  1. Support local and sustainable - check out this amazing gift guide and experiential gift ideas we put together from last year! Some fun ideas: 
    • Homemade food gifts are sure to capture everyone’s heart…especially during the winter holidays. Whether you make your favorite family cookie recipe, gooey chocolate treats, crunchy granola, fruity jams, pickled peppers, or specialty libations, homemade food gifts are the perfect way to show someone you care. Wrap up food gifts in reusable containers (glass, metal, or silicon) or reusable cloth napkins and top with a snazzy bow for an adorable gift that keeps on giving. Reusable containers also help cut down on single-use packaging waste.

    • Plants, bulbs, and seeds are a wonderful way to brighten someone’s home or office. Pines, holly, poinsettias, and amaryllis are among holiday favorites. Potted trees and shrubs decorated with festive bows do double duty by helping remove carbon from the atmosphere. Native plants and pollinator flowers help improve soils and provide ecosystems for birds, bees, and insects to flourish. Cultivate pots of herbs, bulbs, colorful wildflowers, a cactus garden, or a composting kit for a wonderful living gift.

    • Handmade art, ornaments, and framed photos reflecting your passion and connection with the special people in your life are among the most cherished gifts. Hand-knitted scarves, hats, and socks are another cozy, heartfelt gift. Take a step toward circular design by reusing/recycling materials – paper, metal, plastic, cloth, glass, etc.--into your creations. Write a colorful description that highlights your inspiration, materials utilized, and wisdom that you wish to share as part of your gift.

  2. Get Outside! Recognize the value of time spent outside and the impacts it has on our well-being. Friday, November 24 is Free Park Day at all the East Bay Regional Parks - what better way to appreciate our environment than hiking off that turkey! We've put together our top parks for local hikes in this article

    You don’t have to be a rigorous athlete or own a bunch of fancy equipment to spend some quality time outside. Spending time in nature has many health benefits beyond a workout. For example, time in nature helps reduce stress, improve mood, and increase energy level. Try some of these ways to experience the great outdoors:

    • Listen to natural sounds - streams flowing, leaves crunching, rustling in the underbrush; you might be surprised at how many sounds you hear when you take a minute to just listen. Close your eyes and open your ears!
    • Watch wildlife - there is something awe-inspiring about watching animals in their natural homes. Keep your distance, so use binoculars or scopes for the optimal experience. You never know what you might see. 
    • Explore starry skies - looking at the stars has a surprisingly grounding effect, making you feel more connected to the Earth and the life around you. Bring some hot chocolate in a reusable thermos for a cozy experience. 




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