Get a Dog, Save the Planet?


Dogs add a lot to our lives as companions, guards, playmates, and helpers in our fight against Global Climate Change!

Professor Temple Grandin says that dogs are genetic wolves that have co-evolved with humans for 100,000 years, maybe more. Hence dogs and humans have complementary advantages and deficits. Humans used to have a better sense of hearing and smell, and now dogs are better than us at those. Humans walk upright and have better vision and organizational skills, so dogs depend on us to see things and try to find them. Both are social creatures. The lesson is that Nature has bundled the hardware and software for these skills and abilities between the two species. Unbundling them carries certain risks, so you should try to live with a dog if you can.

—Mark Romeo

Dogs (and Other Pets) Rule!

"Bundling” ourselves with animals is a good idea for lots of reasons, but here are some reasons why dogs lower our carbon footprints by being energy efficient:


  1. Dogs add warmth in the winter and stay outside most of the time in the summer, so they don’t add much to a house’s cooling load.
  2. Dogs add fur in the winter and cool themselves using their tongues. Try that, humans!
  3. When they have nothing to do, dogs lay down flat as a pancake and barely move, thereby conserving energy.
  4. Dogs have great alarm systems and don’t even need batteries.
  5. Dogs eat stuff that humans throw away. They will clean your plates if you let them, saving water and energy.
  6. Because dogs need to take us for walks, they cause their owners to exercise, reducing their owners’ appetite and food intake, and therefore their carbon footprint.
  7. Dogs give you unconditional love, so you don’t have to drive your car to visit family and friends.

Let’s Do Our Part

Dogs are our allies in the fight against Global Climate Change. And they are much more. So, don’t you want to keep your dogs (or cats, or rabbits, or hamsters) comfortable at home? Don’t you want to partner with your pets by living in an energy-efficient house and give your pet bragging rights in the neighborhood?

We all must do our part. And Energy Upgrade California is here to help. The statewide program has partnered with BAYREN to provide you with home energy assessments that address comfort and indoor air quality in your home. They will hook you up with some of the best HVAC and home performance contractors who can do the work for you. They’ll fill out all the paperwork needed for rebates on energy-efficient appliances and tax credits. Create a win for our pets, ourselves, and every species on Earth. Add a pawprint to your carbon footprint.




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