Gigantic plastic toys from China taking up precious space in the closet, cheap plastic junk that breaks an hour after my kids get their hands on it, my desire to support local jobs and a healthy environment...are my primary reasons for challenging my family to buy only American made products and services this holiday season. Taking time to consider where products are coming from before purchasing them can be very rewarding and may save you money by curbing impulse shopping.  Will you join me?




Guidelines for the Buy American Challenge can be found by clicking here.

If you accept the Buy American Challenge you are likely to find it very rewarding.  It feels good to know that with every hard-earned dollar you spend, you are doing something to help your country by helping to create American jobs, at a time when Americans need them the most. 

You might also find that you are spending less money because you are making far fewer impulse purchases.  Many are surprised by this when they begin to buy American, but it’s true, when you cut impulse purchases out of your buying habits, you will spend less money.  And the things you do buy, by and large, will be of much higher quality.  America still makes some of the highest quality manufactured goods in the world. 



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  • As an American Artist who makes my products locally here in the Bay Area, I appreciate everyone who takes this Challenge. Thank you Tina. 

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