I'm an artist who specializes in recycled glass. I melt glass with my torch an/or kiln. I also use recycled copper wire and pipe in my jewelry.  I'm always looking for different materials and figuring out ways to use them. I noticed that the last post in this group really old. Are there other artists out there who would like to share ideas, resources, perhaps collaborate?

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Contact RC, the Dumpster Diva! She specializes in connecting discarded items to artists!


Greetings from the Dumpster Diva would love to meet you. I am involved in several different Projects and can connect you with other artists using the same mediums. I belong to the Martinez Arts Association. we are having our annual Art in The Park on August 21 Susanna Park Martinez, come on down if free and look for me I am in the children's area, our trashique boutique will  feature discards from businesses, and assorted other items like blue tumbled glass etc.

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