You can source 100% of your electricity from renewable resources, even if you don't have solar on your roof! 


As of April 2018, residents of 12+ cities in Contra Costa now have a Community Choice energy program, MCE (Marin Clean Energy) as their primary service provider, unless you opt out to stay with PG&E. PG&E is still providing the transmission, distribution, and billing for all customers. 
Residents are enrolled by default into the "Light Green" option, which sources 50% of its energy from renewable resources (compared to the ~30% renewable sources in PG&E's current portfolio). On average, this option is a few dollars cheaper per month than PG&E's "regular" (33% renewable) residential rates. 
You can further reduce your footprint by opting up to MCE's "Deep Green" option, which is 100% renewable electricity. On average, this option is only a few dollars more than PG&E's regular rates, but fossil-fuel free. 
Deep Green power comes from non-polluting, wind and solar sources in California. It’s independently verified by Green-e, the nation’s leading renewable energy certification program, so you can be confident that your Deep Green power meets strict environmental and consumer protection standards. 
If you choose to stay with PG&E, they have a new program called Solar Choice, which is also 100% renewable electricity for a few dollars more a month compared to their regular rates. The electricity is sourced from a pool of northern and central California solar projects.
MCE also has another option beyond "Deep Green", called "100% Local Sol" which is completely sourced from specific local solar projects. This option is about 30% more expensive than "Deep Green." 
Whether you decide to go with "Deep Green", "Local Sol" or "Solar Choice" you'll be reducing your greenhouse gas emissions significantly, without needing to make any big behavior changes besides enrolling!
Contra Costa Cities participating in Community Choice Energy: 
El Cerrito
San Pablo
San Ramon
Unincorporated Contra Costa County
Walnut Creek

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