What it's Like Being a Conservation Coach

Written by: Evan Enos

I am truly blessed to have the amazing job that I have. At this point in time, I have only conducted two home consultations. The reason I have only been able to conduct two so far is because most appointments are scheduled when I am in school. Over the summer, I will be able to sign up for many more home consultations. Nonetheless, the two I have conducted have been super fun and very eye opening for me. I have stepped foot in the homes of some amazing Walnut Creek residents. It’s such a great feeling to know I am helping the community I grew up in!

During my most recent home consultation, I was at a lovely resident’s apartment. We recommended a variety of simple habit changes that the resident could make to help save, and she was absolutely on board. As always, the owner was very polite and motivated to help make a difference. It puts a smile on my face to see that the Walnut Creek community is willing to help save energy and water. I’m excited to meet many, many more dedicated community members looking to make a difference.

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