"Symbols-2-Stories" : One of Many Kid-Friendly Activities at the 2013 NW Permaculture Convergence by Willi Paul, Designer / Facilitator


by Willi Paul 

Program Description:


1. Up to 22 kids can select and color their own Permaculture + Transition symbol (on 10" x 10" recycled board squares)

 2. Children will then describe their individual symbols and coloring strategy to the group

 3. Then work together to produce a group vision or story using their symbols


Goal: To learn how symbols work in media and myths - and understand their multiple meanings

Length: ~ 1 hr


Symbols in the Transition?



Permaculture Symbols 2. A Video for Kids with Eyes of Steel and Overflowing Feet!



Understanding the Symbols of Climate Change” – A Transition Lesson



Permaculture Age Symbols 3: Colors, Archetypes & New Myths



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