Seeking host home in Pittsburg for laundry-to-landscape greywater workshop

Save water and irrigate your landscape every time you do laundry! Greywater systems sustainably irrigate your yard without consuming precious potable water.

We are looking for a home to install a simple “laundry-to-landscape” greywater system as part of a hands-on workshop offered on March 2nd by Sustainable Contra Costa, the City of Pittsburg, and Contra Costa Water District. If your home meets these requirements and you’re interested in participating in our program, please get in touch ASAP.


  • Owner-occupied home in the city of Pittsburg.
  • Washing machine located against an exterior wall, or in a room with an exterior wall
  • No hardscape between the wall by washer and the landscape
  • Yard either flat or sloping away from the home
  • Landscape to be irrigated includes trees, shrubs, or other perennials
  • Area to be irrigated with greywater at least 100 feet away from a creek or drinking water well
  • Able to sign a release of liability waiver

You receive:

· Free installation, a $2,000 value (you just pay for materials ~$400)

Visit to learn more and click to watch a video about this type of system.

Contact if you are are interested in hosting this laundry-to-landscape installation workshop on March 2nd and your home meets the requirements!

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Sustainable Contra Costa is a 501c3 nonprofit organization teaching and inspiring sustainable living since 2007.

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