There’s nothing like the heat and lack of rain in summer to make you realize just how much energy and water you use in your home. Chances are you’ve probably come up with a grand idea — okay, you have a whole list going — of ways to improve the efficiency of your home, but maybe the idea of funding these projects has held you back from further planning. Luckily for you, in Contra Costa County there are a host of options for rebates that will at least cover some of the costs, if not all, of these improvements. We’ve rounded up some of the most helpful rebate programs, but be sure not to miss our extra links at the bottom for others that might appeal to you.


General home upgrade rebates

Bay Area Energy Upgrade’s Home Upgrade Program. PG&E customers can earn between $1,00 and $3,150 in rebates by making different improvements to increase their home’s overall energy efficiency. You can choose which measures you’d like to implement in your home; the more you decide to complete, the more money you’ll gain through the rebate. Be sure to look at their website for more in-depth information as well as terms and restrictions.


Bay Area Energy Upgrade’s Advanced Home Upgrade Program. You can receive between $1,00 and $4,500 in incentives for making energy-efficient improvements for your home. The amount given will vary based on the percent of energy savings that result from the improvements. Find more information, terms, and restrictions on their website.


Landscape rebates

Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) water-efficient landscape rebate program. Homeowners can earn up to $1,000 for replacing lawns with water-efficient landscaping. Rebates are also available for commercial and municipal CCWD customers. Check out their website to see an improved plant list, terms and conditions, and in-depth steps to participate in the program.


East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) lawn conversion and irrigation upgrade rebates. Single-family homes can earn up $2,500 for implementing different cost-effective upgrades that lower water use, such as drip irrigation and sustainable landscape. Pre-inspections by an EBMUD representative are required for all rebates before work can begin. Be sure to look at the website for other information, terms, and restrictions.


High-efficiency clothes washer rebates

CCWD and PG&E. CCWD and PG&E can provide residential customers with a combined rebate of up to $200 for purchasing qualified high-efficiency clothes washers. More information on eligibility and applying can be found here.


EBMUD. EBMUD offers two different rebates for residential customers. For purchasing a qualifying Energy Star Most Efficiency washer model, EBMUD and PG&E will grant customers a combined water and energy rebate of $200. If you buy a Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier 3 model, you can receive $50 from EBMUD. Check here for more information about terms and restrictions.


High-efficiency toilet rebates

CCWD. CCWD customers can earn up to $125 per toilet for the purchase and installation of any US EPA WaterSense-labeled high efficiency toilet. Find more information on their website.


EBMUD. EBMUD offers its customers up to $50 for replacing an old toilet that uses 3.5 gallons per flush or more with a high-efficiency model. Check this website for more information on terms and restrictions that apply.


Graywater rebates

EBMUD. EBMUD offers rebates for simple, single source graywater systems (less than 250 gallons per day) as well as for permitted systems (more than 250 gallons per day), which may offset the costs of installing hardware, equipment, and systems that result in predictable water savings. The rebate amount is calculated based on the estimated water savings over the projected life of the system. Check their website to learn more about graywater and whether it works for you, as well as for terms and restrictions that apply.


Other resources

Sustainable Contra Costa will soon have a comprehensive list of rebates including these on our website under “Action Guides” — be sure to keep an eye out!


Find the full list of 2014 PG&E residential rebates here, EBMUD residential rebates here, and CCWD rebates here.


EBMUD’s WaterSmart Center has other resources here to conserve water that may be helpful in your home projects.


The Bay Friendly Coalition has a list of additional rebates that may apply to your home as well. Check it out here.


Also, be sure to look at free conservation items EBMUD offers to its commercial and residential customers on their website.

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