Written by: Lola Bamberger, Conservation Coach

Walnut Creek Saves is such a new program to our community that most residents don’t know or fully understand what it entails and what services we can provide. Since our program is extremely resident focused it is our highest priority to get the information needed out there, and in this article I will describe what Walnut Creek Saves can do for you (and what it already does for me).

On the side of the community, our main goal is to reduce the overall energy and water usage in Walnut Creek, and this comes with many other positive side effects. The easiest way to do this is to speak with residents, assess their habits, and give them tips and tricks on where they can save. In doing this, we work to save residents water and energy, but also save them money on their monthly bills. Our hope is that with this extra money in their pockets the residents will go out and stimulate the local economy making Walnut Creek a better place for everyone!

On the flip side, for me and my fellow Conservation Coaches, there are just as many positive aspects to the program. First of all, our involvement gives us a hand-on experience working with the community and making connections with people face-to-face. We are provided with opportunities to take on leadership roles and work with a group of people to achieve a common goal. Of course, the position looks great on college applications and future job applications. Walnut Creek Saves truly is a stepping stone into the world that we are expected to face in the next few years.

Walnut Creek Saves is not just about improving our city, it is meant to educate students and residents alike and to provide us all with a better tomorrow. Needless to say, I am proud to be a part of a program that does so much good for the community.

Visit www.WalnutCreekSaves.org for more information.

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