Collapsed Time Stress Disorder & Mythic Time” by Willi Paul, Magazine

“Time is a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them.” WIKI

But most of us have had some unusual experiences in between, in combination of, and/or beyond past, present and future time. If we can choose the right time for the purpose at hand, we may be more effective readers, writers and collaborators and have a more effective long-term life experience. What about Mythic Time?

Four Categories of Time

[A] Past Time –

Full of memories, past time is represented to a large degree by photos, diplomas and special events. As with Future Time, Past Time fades in our consciousness as we age to nothingness or “no time”.

[B] Current Time –

Current Time, aka Project Time, is a short-term, linear, “plan - go - stop - evaluate - repeat” experience. Current Time is dominated by 24/7, 7:00 AM, the calendar date, “everythingness” all at once.

[B.1] Searching (Internet) Time

The computer and Internet is a combination of Current Time, Past and Future Time. While suspension of a linear experience is possible, Searching Time can include the first two stages of *Mythic Time: we usually have some overt need to satisfy and some initiation to undergo during the search.

[C] Future Time –

Future Time is Fictional, filled with our hopes, dreams, desires; expectations and plans. Future time integrates the other time categories but eventually fades to nothingness or “no time” like Past Time.

[D] *Mythic Time –

Mythic Time owes a debt to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s vision; a non-linear or looping experience that incorporates stages that can often blend or support (benefit or distort) Past Time, Current Time, & Future Time. An artistic, spiritual and / or community practice can result from Mythic Time that transcends the profit and loss; a timeless multi-culture hero figure is a potential result.

Categories of Mythic Time

• Need: We first need to understand what we need and our goal(s)

• Initiation: Alchemy and trust play a large role in our transformational journey in Mythic Time

• Trek: Walk up the hills and in the swamps; it’s a “marathon for wisdom”

• Overcoming: Tackling and conquering obstacles is critical; patience rules the way

o Learning: Keep notes in your tablet; study the journey; teach others with your wisdom

• Feedback: Back home, whether a blog or a community event, Mythic Time requires your evaluation and outreach

Points to Consider

Experiencing Past, Current and Future Time at same time is Collapsed Time Stress Disorder (TCSD). A confused voided time space (think day dreaming or being high on marijuana). In this state we are easily manipulated consumers, unproductive and uncommunicative.

Isn’t life experience a synthesis or continuum of all of the types? Remember that “those destined to repeating history…” mantra?

Don’t we need some amount of Past Time to fuel the other two? Are we not a product of our short-term and long-term memories?

Mythic Time returns us to a vision-drenched, open-ended path that prioritizes and harmonizes our way in contrast to many corporate jobs and their single minded, trickle-down politics and limited, pigeon-hole experiences.

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Willi Paul
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