An Urban Farm at the Sanitary District?

Have you heard of the exciting proposed "CoCo San Sustainable Farm"? This is a collaboration between AgLantis, an environmental incubator and Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) in Martinez, CA. 


The initiative has been picking up momentum this past year; they are currently working on creating a 501c-3 non-profit called AgLantis (a take off on Atlantis, because they are agriculture and an urban island of plentiful (recycled) water).

AgLantis is engaged in contract negotiations with CCCSD for at least 14.8 acres of the west half of the Kwiwit Property, across from County Quarry and between Imhoff Drive and Highway 4 (near Interstate 680). 

Some updates and plans:

  • To Grow Healthy Fertile Soil, a green manure / erosion control crop of bell beans and vetch was planted by CCCSD. However, it has rained very little since it was planted and no irrigation is in place yet. Hence, the crop has struggled. Furthermore, geese have been eating the seeds. They are anticipating compost donations which they can then spread.
  • An Irrigation System is needed as son as another green manure crop is planted.
  • For the Fencing, an architect seeking a donation of 3,000' of fencing from a major construction company. It has been promised when it becomes available.
  • 2mpln43.jpg?width=373A Master Plan has been developed by Concord architect Peter Vatkov. The County Quarry will be asked to work with AgLantis to put in any necessary roads.
  • Planned Buildings include a barn, refrigerator storage for crops, a greenhouse, and a Center for Sustainable Living on the southwest corner of the farm. CCCSD is seeking the necessary permissions from the county for the smaller buildings. The Center will require considerable capital and additional building permits at a future time. The first structures are expected to be built in about a year.2ujs2hf.jpg?width=298

  • The Center for Sustainable Living will provide a place for educating the public about the science and engineering related to the farm and other sustainable living practices that protect the environment. The Center will also provide a location for people engaged in the green movement (green technology, green jobs, initiatives etc.) to meet. Other prominent local architects working on the project plan to also work with local students to teach green building and LEED concepts. The Center requires a major sponsor or major capital campaign, and it will be a few years before this will get built.
  • CoCo San Sustainable Farm cannot happen with Community Support. They have a major need for contributions to get it launched (paying for insurance and infrastructure, etc.). You c
    an also sign up to be on their volunteer list by emailing This project has had great support from local elected officials as well, including State of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, State Senator Mark DeSaulnier, and Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan. 

In case you aren't familiar with this project, see this CoCo San Sustainable Farm 1-pg SUMMARY, or you can read some previous news articles about it HERE and HERE

Click HERE for more information about recycled water from Central San, that would be utilized for this project instead of getting dumped into the bay. 

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