Green Mary Event Waste Diversion is now hiring part-time,  passionate, hard-working, environmentally minded individuals to help us further our Zero Waste goals at SF Bay Area public events.  A very busy season coming up!

We “green” public events around the Bay Area, doing everything related to waste management, minimizing waste to the landfill, establishing more sustainable production habits and resource allocation.  We set up containers (in sets of three for compost, recycling and landfill), do public eco-education, sorting, hauling and grounds cleaning. Management also does a bunch of work pre-event to get producers, food vendors and venue managers enrolled in our zero waste mission.

Starting pay is $20/hr., most work is on weekends, though getting more conference mid-week work including the upcoming Google Next April 9-11 downtown SF.  Schedule is very flexible, you work when you are able, picking your own shifts off a very user friendly "Shiftboard." Pay climbs steadily  to $25/hr with demonstrated proficiency, punctuality and enthusiasm.  Excellence in leadership and zero waste supervision can lead to manager position, $35 to $42/hr.

The work is very physical, lots of walking, bending and lifting, but doesn’t require a ton of strength, just stamina.  Get to go to some pretty cool events and work with amazing people making a big difference on the planet!

Contact,  707-548-7582. Once through the initial interview, the next hiring/"onboarding" round takes place early April in Oakland.

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