9762167264?profile=RESIZE_584xAre you looking for a way to keep your home warm and energy efficient as the weather gets colder? You’re in the right place! 

Join Sustainable Contra Costa and Contra Costa County for our upcoming BayREN Home+ Homeowner Workshop on Thursday, December 9 from 5:00-6:30 PM via Zoom. To register, visit bayren1221.eventbrite.com or email Doug Bleakly at doug@sustainablecoco.org with any questions you may have. 

Learn how you can make home improvements that will lower your energy use, conserve water and natural resources, and make your home more comfortable. Rebates (up to $5,000!) are available for eligible energy efficiency upgrades ,including air sealing, duct sealing, insulation, and installing high-efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, and/or water heaters. 

​​BayREN is also encouraging you to electrify! Additional rebates are offered for installing induction stoves, heat pump clothes dryers, and heat pump water heaters. For further information, visit  bayren.org/electrification. Further details about the BayREN Home+ Program are available online at www.bayrenresidential.org. This is a wonderful opportunity for homeowners to hear from local participating contractors, building scientists, and financing experts to get your home improvement projects going. We hope to see you there!

For those of us who are passionate about energy efficiency but are not homeowners, consider checking out these three (of the many available) resources and programs that offer financial incentives to help you save money and energy in your home this winter. 

  1. MCE Deep Green
  2. OhmConnect
  3. Get Nimble, Cali (supported by the California Energy Commission)

Have you taken the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge with your household yet? Whether you haven't created an account yet or haven't logged in for awhile, check out the Challenge for sustainable actions you can take throughout the winter! With over 80 Actions to complete (or log if you’re already doing them), there is an action for everyone. 

Here are two easy Actions to get you started today:

Adjust Thermostat- Did you know that setting your heater to 68° during the winter can help you save energy and reduce your bill?

Participate in Demand Response- In the same vein as the resources listed above, being intentional about energy consumption during the peak demand hours helps reduce the strain on the energy grids. Together, we can save enough energy to reduce high energy prices and even avoid building extra power plants.

Picture credit: Morning Fog at Mt. Diablo via Unsplash

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