Toxic Cosmetics

Okay, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I have always been kind of a "girlie-girl." No, I don't wear pink frills or false eyelashes. But I do use lots of products that are supposed to enhance my appearance etc. But...what about the ingredients in all thoses products that I buy at the local "big-box" store? Ugh...not so good, for me or the environment. I'm not someone that is on a big rid-my-body-of-toxins campaign, because I have always been fairly healthy. What I am more concerned about is the effect that buying, using, and disposing of these products are having on the environment. Things you don't think about...nail polish, hair spray, hair dye. Not good at all. I think that I have to start making more connections about my personal choices and the poor little creatures that are suffering and dying because of them. So, with that said I wanted to pass on the link for this video by Annie Leonard about the cosmetics industry. It just as entertaining as the rest of her videos. So, watch it, laugh a little, think a little and pass it on to others.

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  • Along the same lines, there's a great online resource for finding out about the safety of personal care products. Check out This is a database compiled by the Environmental Working Group. They are a non-profit that conducts scientific research on individual products and rates them according to their safety. You can find the EWG at
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