In a tight economy, create sustainable gift giving practices that don’t have a high price tag and that benefit the local community. Many families have moved away from purchasing gifts for everyone in the family to picking names from a hat and giving and receiving one gift. Some people have created the tradition of giving a charitable donation in honor of a family member as their holiday gift. To create a virtuous cycle for sustainable gift giving, purchase a gift that is made in the U.S.A. from a local merchant in your community. This ensures that the dollars from your gift purchase remain in your community.

When you give the gift of a donation to a local charity, it supports those in need in your community. Enjoy the pleasure of giving to those less fortunate this holiday season by donating food to the local food bank, helping serve meals at a homeless shelter or creating gift bags for those in need. Give the children in your life “Save, Spend and Share” cards by triplegift to teach both charity and money management. Have them use the “spend” piece for a purchase in the community and donate the “share” piece to a local charity.

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