The holidays present challenges for sustainable eating practices because there are so many parties where lots of high-calorie, high-sugar and high-fat foods are served to us and our children at office, school and community gatherings.

The holidays are a good time to remember these words: “Eat the best and leave the rest.” When it comes to party treats or dinners, allow yourself to enjoy those dishes that you really love. But don’t pile your plate or party napkin with other “junk” food just because it’s there. Balance special treats with vegetables and fruits, whole grain breads, lean protein, and low-fat/low-sugar dairy products. 

You can help contribute to holiday potlucks and parties that you organize or host by creating a menu that is balanced with healthy appetizers, salads, vegetables, main dishes and fruit for dessert. You can also contribute by purchasing foods that are sustainably grown in the local community. So this holiday season, put on a healthy spread of foods that not only contribute to your health, but to the health of the local community.

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