As we think about ways to encourage and support local business owners to make "sustainable" decisions, we've talked about developing and hosting a series of workshops in cooperation with our Sustainable Business Collaborative partners. 

I drew up an outline for such a workshop and would like to put it up for comments and suggestions. How can we engage our business community in a meaningful educational process? 

Here's the preamble to the outline: 

Sustainability: It's a Winning Business Model

It is becoming increasingly clear that the long-term vitality of our economy and our future prosperity is dependent on every citizen and business factoring sustainability into everyday thinking and
decision-making. Despite common perceptions, sustainable business practices can
improve your bottom line.

The Business of Sustainability is a (length) workshop designed to provide business owners with a solid foundation for developing effective strategies and implementing
best practices. 

See the attached document for the complete outline. I invite your suggestions and comments. 

Sustainability V1.doc

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