Leadership In Sustainability Fair

This year, we're expanding last year's very successful Seeds of Change Contest to include a larger number of organizations. And, we're morphing the concept to be a showcase ... an expo ... of local organizations that are doing cool things in Sustainabilty. We're calling this segment of the Gala the "Leadership in Sustainability Fair".

The Gala draws a diverse audience of business and civic leaders, educators, activists, practitioners, and people who care about Sustainability. It's an excellent audience for sharing all the great things that you're doing! We provide the table (no charge), you provide a tabletop display and at least one volunteer to interact with Gala attendees (we will comp 1 volunteer per organization).

Eligibility Requirements - Individuals and teams, all ages - Non-profit community organizations (need not be 501c3) - Schools, all levels Note: The primary submitter must be a resident of Contra Costa County

Space is limited so please apply or contact us as soon as possible.

Seeds Of Change Contest

Becoming a truly sustainable society presents many challenges in the ways we live, work and play. The changes we need to make toward a sustainable future will be leveraged by creativity and innovation. SCOCO encourages creativity and supports innovation. The 3rd Annual Seeds of Change Innovation Contest is intended to showcase great ideas, fund innovative projects and recognize creative thinkers in our community.

We're looking for creative projects and innovative ideas that have the potential for broad use and wide impact. We're planting seeds for the future! Your Organization Could Win $500!

Contest Guidelines Your project or innovation should:

- Address some aspect of social, environmental and/or economic sustainability

- Be a new project that needs funds for start-up OR an existing project that needs funds to expand or replicate

- Be suitable for broad use or application AND replicable by others

Examples - Creative application of technology

- Innovative approach to education

- Demonstration installation of a new product/solution

- Research, study or experiment

- Creative use of media to engage a target audience

- Impactful event, performance or art project.

Gala Participation Required
- Selected organizations will be invited to partcipate at the 2016 Gala on September 21st. 
ONE comp ticket will be provided - additional tickets must be purchased.
- Participants will be assigned a table to use to present/display/pitch their organization and project.  
- During the reception segment of the Gala, participants will interact with Gala attendees to pitch their project/idea. 
- Attendees will vote for their favorite project/idea. 
All submissions will be reviewed by the Sustainability Fair committee to select participants. 
The Contest winner will be selected based on total votes received from Gala attendees.
The winner will be announced during the awards segment of the Gala. 
Good luck and have fun!!

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